Global Staff Capital Technology Inc.


We are a platform development company, building the ‘future of work’

The right work
The right pay
The right employee


We match (people + work)

We pride ourselves in our ability to match workers with employers who have opportunities available. Our platform offers people with the right skills a chance to match with qualified jobs, so that they can earn income ‘now’ while they enjoy flexibility in scheduling. We offer staffing agencies the ability to connect directly with workers with non-traditional employment needs, and access to capital for payroll needs. Finally, we connect employers to humans who are willing and able to work as-needed, so that businesses can manage their customer needs without worrying about labor management.

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How does it work?

Workers create a profile detailing their skills, location and interests. Businesses sign on with a location and available work opportunities. Staffing agents will manage the direct relationships between workers and businesses. We supply the platform, the capital and risk mitigation services (employee verification, geolocation, “know your customer” compliance and analytics).

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Capital availability is the differentiator of our platform. Job boards just list jobs- staffing agencies match candidates to openings. Employers batch their payments to the agencies or to workers over “net terms” up to 90 days. Some staffing “per diem” or “locus temens” sites provide great services, but still take 3-6 weeks to pay clients.  By providing access to capital so that workers get paid within a day, with verified work completed, employers can still enjoy net terms while employees get access to funds in days.

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Founded by…

Ryan T. Gunteski is a serial tinkerer and technologist who got his start by taking apart his Atari 2600 to fix a faulty joystick. He builds things with a singular focus on helping people,. From creating websites for artists to showcase their work, or converting archaic paper systems to a fully digital inventory management system, and even architecting a financial services data platform to provide risk analytics and customer insights for a credit card provider, his focus is to help people solve business problems through the responsible use of digital technology.





We believe the spirit of helping people work and get paid is a vital part of our future growth. We will help employees feel empowered through making available work options, while effectively managing the capital requirements of funding “at will” labor and bearing the risk of resource management. With this regard- Our team is unmatched!

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Covering industries from accounting to zoo advertising, our employee management solutions cover business needs anywhere in the world. Whether have entered a new market with specific labor requirements or need solutions to keep up with the current digital landscape of business systems, we have the tools and platform you need.

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A Better Way

We wanted to create a platform where people  and employers could work together to create a system that both parties could genuinely get behind, while driving results for employers and increase worker satisfaction.

Tired of the continuous process of finding labor for temporary, seasonal or “new” opportunities, only to start over again each time a “season” is complete, we believe building this platform was a better way than the onboard>hire>layoff cycle typical to many industries.


Start A New Path

Our flagship platform covers employee job management (time clocks, etc.) tailored job selection (similar to job posts), work “complete” verification (geolocation and personnel ID) and analytics for optimization. We service industries who experience peaks in labor needs, whether seasonal, occasion based or simply labor-constrained.

Our Locales

We are committed to providing the absolute best quality workers and jobs to each and every one of our customers. Since our start, we have continued to grow while staying true to our original mission — to give employers and workers a place to match up in an on-demand world. We currently operate in the United States because we are familiar with the labor and capital markets here, but expect to expand to metro areas with similar needs around the globe.

Let us show you how our platform can solve for human, capital and management resource needs-

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